About Us

Who we are

AlltexAll-Tex Pipe & Supply is one of the largest PVF distributors in the nation who has been recognized by several organizations as “Supplier of the Year”, Greatest Overall Growth in the PVF Division, and “Excellence in Marketing, Performance, and Leadership.”  What these awards mean to you- our customer- is that we are passionate about, and successful at, what we do. We are PVF Specialists, having provided copper, PVC, cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel products and expertise to the commercial and industrial mechanical industry since 1973.

People and Culture

Our goal is to be the best employer for our employees, the best market source for our customers, and the best channel for our suppliers.  Many businesses provide products and services that can perform to reasonably acceptable standards.  What we do beyond that point is what differentiates us.

Information Technology

All-Tex consistently exceeds industry standards in terms of utilizing technology to fulfill the needs of our customers and maximize the ease of doing business.  There are many capabilities that differentiate All-Tex as a distributor including various forms of ecommerce (electronic ordering/inventory access, EDI, MTR’s and automated billing), advanced order tracking, proof of delivery, special order handling and dynamic reporting capabilities.  Our investments in technology enable us to fluidly communicate all necessary information with both our suppliers and customers in order to make each unique transaction with us as simple as possible.


Extensive inventory in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Beaumont, and Houston enables us to service project requirements from our local warehouses and pipe yards.  Exceedingly high fill rates minimizes back orders and maximizes productivity on the job sites.  Our customer pickup service provides a fast and convenient turnaround for your immediate needs.

Shop Services

All-Tex provides pipe cutting, threading, and grooving services from several of our branches.  Grooving capabilities include carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper.  Victaulic’s Advanced Groove System (AGS) provides an efficient and effective solution for quality grooved pipe, ranging from 14″-24″.

Commitment to Service

All-Tex raises the performance bar with “the Promise” of delivering orders within a specific time period after the order has been entered, with high fill rates and accuracy.  We exceed the industry standard by providing 24-hour service, 7 days a week.  Each location has a fleet of delivery trucks and drivers who ensure that product gets to customers efficiently.  Accurate and on-time deliveries allow the project to flow within time and material budgets.  Our quick response and flexible delivery schedules easily accommodate last-minute changes to project requirements.