Use our pipe calculator tools below to determine the length, schedule and type of pipe required for your project.

Measurement Conversion
Convert unit measurements of area, length/distance, mass, temperature, currency, typography and digital imaging.


Pressure Calculator
Uses Barlow’s Formula to determine how much internal pressure a pipe can withstand.

Barlow's Formula calculates the relationship of internal pressure to allowable stress, nominal thickness and pipe diameter.

The formula is: P = (2*S*t) / D:
  • P = internal pressure, psig
  • S = unit stress, psi
  • t = nominal wall thickness, in.
  • D = outside diameter of pipe, in.




Max Pressure =

Weight per Foot (Steel)
This Pipe Weight per Foot formula is as follows:
Wt/Ft = 10.69* x Wall Thickness



Pipe Weight =

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