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Corrosion of Pipe: Causes, Effects and Steps You Can Take

Metal pipe is the industry standard when it comes to pipe that is strong and can withstand high heat and pressure – but unfortunately, corrosion of pipe is something that metal materials can’t avoid. Stainless steel, carbon steel and other alloys that transport fluids in industrial applications are susceptible to corrosion, which in turn weakens […]

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Understanding Industrial Flanges

Ever wished you could get a breakdown of what exactly flanges are? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Flanges are the small-but-mighty components of the industrial PVF industry – without them, our jobs would be a whole lot harder. Able to be dismantled quickly and conveniently, flange joints are the must-have tool of the […]

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Why You Should Use Copper Pipe for Your Next Plumbing Job

Older structures typically use water pipes made from iron, steel or lead. While the dangers of lead pipe for drinking water especially are a no-brainer, you may be wondering what the buzz about modern-day copper pipe is about. For commercial work, copper pipe should be considered in place of iron and steel. The benefits of […]

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The Differences Between Industrial Plastic Pipe and Stainless Steel Pipe

When starting a job, it’s important to consider the type of piping that will fit the scope and cost of the project best. For most projects, especially those involving piping that will be transporting liquid, the choices will come down to stainless steel pipe or industrial plastic pipe. In each case, there’s some basic information […]

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Product Spotlight: Transair by Parker

All-Tex is committed to innovation and staying at the forefront of PVF technology, which is why we’re proud to partner with Transair by Parker. Parker Hannifin is a pioneer in compressed air aluminum piping systems, and they’ve built on their history of continual innovation by manufacturing the largest range of diameters and products through their […]

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How the US Military Can Help End the Trades Shortage

It’s well known that we are facing a critical shortage of skilled tradespeople in this country. As more tradespeople approach retirement and more young people opt for college degrees over the trades, we have more vacancies than people to fill them. Contractors are already struggling to fill positions of hourly craft workers. It may be […]

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Product Spotlight: Hackney Ladish

Our commitment to value realized means we work to offer the best products, like those from our partner, Hackney Ladish. For over 100 years, they’ve been producing weld fittings in carbon and high yield steel and forged pipe fittings for energy infrastructure around the world. They’re the global leader in producing elbows, reducing elbows, tees, […]

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At All-Tex, part of our commitment to bringing our customers value realized includes sharing updates and helpful information from our vendor partner community, as well as keeping you connected on industry developments. Our goal is to make it easy, convenient and, most of all, practical. To that end, we’ve recently launched PVF TV PVF TV […]

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What’s Being Done About the Skilled Labor Shortage?

There’s been a big push for higher education in recent decades but not a push for technical or vocational training. With the recession, many people left their skilled labor job and never came back, leaving us with a national shortfall. More and more skilled tradespeople are approaching retirement, and for the first time ever, there […]

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