The pipe, valve and fitting (PVF) industry moves at a fast pace. But fast-moving projects can throw a wrench into PVF installation when the project team becomes focused on deadline completion versus pipe material and layout. While every team wants to do a good job, pressure can overshadow some key considerations. Here are some common pipe installation mistakes to avoid on your next project.

Material Type
When choosing a material for the pipe to be installed, there are some critical factors that go along with this decision. If one material type is attached to a different material type that it reacts with, this can cause premature corrosion. Match the material of existing equipment that the new pipe will tie into in order to eliminate this problem.

Material type is not just limited to the pipe, but the support for the pipe as well. The type of material flowing through the pipe should also be taken into consideration when deciding on supports, as temperature plays a big role. The supports must be able to hold up in hotter or colder conditions, depending on the process, to prevent flexing, bending or freezing over that can cause pipe damage.

Design Layout
Equally as important to minimizing issues with pipe installation is the layout of the piping system. The space between pipe supports makes a big difference in how the system functions and whether or not issues will arise. Just like temperature can cause sagging in pipe, so can incorrect spacing of pipe supports.

Not only does the weight of the pipe need to be considered as a factor in determining distance of supports, but the overall weight when the pipe is in operation should be determined as well. Miscalculation of the operational weight is a common mistake not considered when deciding on pipe support placement.

While the common mistakes to avoid mentioned above are not an all-inclusive list of things that can go wrong as part of pipe installation, taking care to avoid these common errors can greatly reduce damage to equipment after installation, or a delay in operations due to rework. As a full-service PVF distributor that has been in the PVF industry since 1973, we know how important picking the right material for your project is. If you need help picking out supplies for your next PVF project, contact us. Our knowledgeable team is on-hand to offer recommendations and guidance based on your specific project requirements.