The concept of saving energy is a growing global trend, with the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles, solar and wind power research and ways of modifying home appliances and systems to both reduce energy costs and put less strain on the planet’s natural resources. But did you know that pipe can also play a role in saving money when it comes to energy? With the right type of pipe for your application, there are a few ways it can contribute to the energy-saving initiative.

Pipe Diameter

Modern pipe materials already provide smooth inside surfaces, and the concept of their energy-saving qualities is simple — the better the flow, the lower the pumping costs. To that end, it makes sense that pipes with a wider diameter will be able to move more liquid, gas or air than those with smaller diameters. However, pipes made of different materials that have different strengths but the same outside diameter will often have different inside diameters due to the thickness of the pipe’s material. Pipes with stronger materials and greater inner diameters, like ductile iron pipe, require less energy when in use.

Pipe Material

Depending on the requirements of a pipe project, the material of the pipe can affect energy cost outcomes. For example, plastic piping has advanced in the last few decades, with plastic pipe now coming in a variety of diameters, thicknesses and pressure classes. Plastic piping can offer protection against costly leaks and corrosion while maintaining a high flow efficiency. Similarly, aluminum pipe used to transport compressed air is both lightweight and helps to reduce pressure loss, resulting in a more energy-efficient system.

Pipe Layout

The way a pipe system is constructed can also contribute to its energy efficiency. Eliminating needless changes in flow direction and reducing excessive pipe length means that the system will require less energy to move liquid, gas or air through it. Pipe systems should also be constructed with the proper support to minimize movement and leaks, avoiding corrosion and lengthening the life and efficiency of the system.

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