Uponor offers a variety of high quality, long-lasting pipe suitable to any commercial plumbing job. As part of our mission to bring our customers and their end users value realized, today we’re highlighting two of Uponor’s offerings.

Uponor Ecoflex® Pre-Insulated Pipe System
There are two variations of this system—PEX and non PEX. The pre-insulated pipe boasts durability and flexibility with virtually no maintenance. Whether or not you get a PEX system, Ecoflex® offers an innovative design that retains heat in hot water lines and resists corrosion—even in “the harshest water and soil conditions.” Their lightweight flexibility means they can be installed quickly and easily. And with coil lengths up to 600 feet, you can have a seamless piping system that costs less and endures longer.

Uni Pipe PLUS in Straight Lengths and Coils
Uni Pipe PLUS pipes are composite pipes. They’re lightweight and flexible while also being strong, stable and corrosion resistant. They include an interior layer of high-temperature-resistant polyethylene and an exterior layer of UV-resistant lacquer, giving them extra durability.

Uni Pipe PLUS coils are more flexible and bendable than other multilayer composite pipes currently on the market. They also offer a bending radius up to 40% narrower than conventional multilayer pipes, which means fewer fittings required for your team.
Uni Pipe PLUS straight lengths have similar advantages in lightweight stability and durability in a seamless pipe but also feature an attractive design, an added value for the modern client seeking on-wall mounting.

Why Uponor?
We value our partnership with Uponor. Like us, they are a company that values innovation in problem solving and is constantly striving to offer the most efficient, reliable and high-performance solutions to customers and partners.