At All-Tex, we believe in doing everything possible to give both our customers and their end users value realized. Our value engineering process includes working closely with manufacturers to look for products that can provide benefits in terms of speed, efficiency and/or savings, all of which add up to improved results.

For example, Victaulic’s Installation-Ready™ couplings and fittings feature a single-unit design that allows contractors to assemble the coupling or fitting simply by inserting it onto the grooved end of a pipe and then tightening the nuts. The Installation-Ready™ technology means that what used to take minutes now takes only seconds.

The technology offers several important benefits, as noted by Victaulic:

  • Compressed Project Schedules – Due to the speed at which these couplings can be installed, as noted above, contactors are able to further compress their construction schedules.
  • Reduced Material Handling – Unlike standard couplings, Installation-Ready™ couplings are installed without the need to disassemble the coupling. No loose bolts and nuts translates to less material handling on site.
  • Better Managed Labor Risk- Because Installation-Ready™ couplings require fewer steps to install, the result is consistently faster pipe joints; this allows contractors to optimize crew size and better manage their labor risk.
  • Enhanced Job Site Safety – No flames. No fumes. No loose parts. In addition to being flame-free and devoid of noxious fumes during installation, Installation-Ready™ couplings feature no loose parts to drop or lose, reducing material handling on site, thereby reducing risk of injury.

Want to see them in action? Tune in to All-Tex PVF TV.

Product analysis and recommendations are just a couple of the steps in our value engineering process, which includes an in-house mechanical engineering staff that can work with our customers throughout all stages of their project.

By applying our value engineering principles to your spec sheet and materials list, we aim to help you submit a competitive bid and land the job. Need a product recommendation? Contact us!