It may be standard in the industry with a wide array of applications, but what exactly is carbon steel pipe? As specialists in pipe, valves and fittings, All-Tex is committed to educating customers on the types of pipe that will fit their needs. Here, we give a breakdown of the facts and benefits of carbon steel pipe.

An Overview of Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon steel pipe is exactly what it sounds like – pipe made from carbon steel, a steel alloy containing iron and carbon. An incredibly durable material, carbon steel pipe is used in heavy-duty industries like infrastructure, shipping and chemical fertilizing. The higher carbon content gives the steel a lower melting point, making it more malleable and durable and better able to distribute heat.

Benefits of Carbon Steel Pipe

Because of carbon steel’s durability and shock resistance, pipe made with this material is not as affected by environmental conditions like pressure or extreme weather. This makes it an ideal material for structural pipe applications such as pipe laid beneath roadways. Its strength also lends itself to cost-effectiveness – with carbon steel, less is more. Pipe can be made thinner while still being capable of transporting high volumes of corrosive material. Carbon steel pipe is also environmentally safe, as about 50% of the world’s steel is made from recycled materials.

All-Tex Pipe & Supply offers a vast inventory of AML-compliant pipe, including both domestic and imported carbon steel pipe of all schedules and wall thickness. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about each type of pipe we offer – and ready to answer any and all questions about which type of pipe fits the need of your project. Contact us to get started on placing your pipe order today.