The coronavirus pandemic has brought up many questions over which businesses are considered essential and should remain operating, and that questions extends to all industries. The pipe, valve and fitting industry has not experienced a slowdown because the manufacture and installation of the materials the industry produces must continue. Here’s a look at why the PVF industry is an essential operation.


PVF keeps the United States infrastructure running – from water mains to gas lines all the way to refineries and wastewater plants, it provides Americans with the utilities and services they need to safely work from home and stay indoors. In times of crisis, it wouldn’t be beneficial for these services to break down – if something needs repairing, the PVF industry needs to be up and running to provide for those repairs.


While some construction in the United States has paused for now, most construction projects are still up and running – and with those projects comes the need for pipe, valve and fittings. Buildings can’t be completed without these necessary materials, and their absence would slow down essential construction projects.


With the continued demand for PVF for infrastructure and construction, it’s no surprise that the manufacturing of PVF materials would also need to continue. PVF manufacturing has continued at a relatively normal pace since the onset of the pandemic to keep providing for the country’s needs during the uncertainty.

While the PVF industry remains up and running, it’s also made its own adjustments to keep both workers and customers safe. All-Tex has taken its own preventative measures, minimizing person-to-person contact while still providing our customers with the necessary materials to keep their businesses operational. Our deliveries have continued as normal, and we’ve enhanced our cleaning and disinfecting procedures as recommended by the CDC.

For the time being, we’re accepting orders via call, email or fax, but we’re still here for our customers. Reach out to us today to get started on your PVF order.